Burlesque Bedtime Stories

We are so proud to say that the 2013 season has begun- and “Burlesque Bedtime Stories” was a success!  Thanks for joining us at The Adrienne Theater on April 18th!  Together we had a great time- a great pillow fight- and we raised money for a great cause!  1/3 of the money raised from BBS is going to Sugar & Spice’s literacy initiative in Kenya to train teachers about the importance of story telling in the classroom.   Touch Me Philly Productions is proud to do our part- and we’re proud of you for doing yours- while enjoying the show!

BBS Cast

This is one of many absolutely fantastic shots from the evening from Kelly Rowles at pix|elation photography!  Behold, the cast of Burlesque Bedtime Stories, all snuggled up in bed. Thanks for making us look so great, Kelly! You can see all the shots from Kelly  by clicking HERE!

BBS Slumber Party

Some of our performers maintain online presences:

Sugar & Spice: www.storytellerkp.com

Amanda Sylvester, AKA “Manda Mai” AKA “The Directress”: www.AmandaSylvester.com 

Alyson Rodriguez Orenstein: www.AlysonRodriguezOrenstein.com

Jesse Po: www.Reverbnation.com/jessepo

Rachel Fogletto: http://finestbottomshelf.tumblr.com

BBS Cast Silly

“Burlesque Bedtime Stories”

April 18th at The Adrienne Theater

BBS Poster

A Fun Night Out for a Great Cause:

A large chunk of the proceeds from this event go to a charity program- Your entrance donation sends literacy outreach to Africa! A few dollars goes a long way to provide training on using indigenous stories in the schools. The program has 7 years success in Belize where 33K students received free programs & 800 teachers trained. With your help, Kenyans can start to receive services too. Thanks!  For more info on the program in Belize, watch Sugar & Spice in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNZA3yTiqJ8

About the Performers:

Sugar & Spice‘s day job is traveling the globe building bridges between through story. She’s performed from NYC to New Orleans, Berlin to Bogota. Founder/Facilitator of volunteer literacy project which is going global in June. This is her Burlesque debut. At night, why not a Bedtime story, let’s entice a bit of fun! www.storytellerkp.com

Amanda Sylvester, AKA “Manda Mai” AKA “The Directress” – As Executive Director of Touch Me Philly Productions, Manda is super excited to be performing in BBS tonight. Thank you for supporting TMPP! Check out www.AmandaSylvester.com for more details.

Jonathen Wurzel/ Some Fag/It is a storyteller, burlesque performer, accordion player, juggler, coffee slinger, animal lover, and part time Boogie Man currently residing in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. This will be his second performance/show with Touch Me Philly (he played Brad in “The Rocky Horror Show”) and he promises sexier underwear this time around.

Alyson Rodriguez Orenstein is a thespian, vocalist & now producer. As co-owner of TMPP she is over the moon about kicking off the 2013 season with the fun and farce of BBS. She has been active in Philadelphia performing on stage & screen as well as rocking, rolling, & singing in choral settings. She can’t wait to see what’s next for TMPP and is stoked that you are all along for the ride. www.AlysonRodriguezOrenstein.com for more info.

Jesse Po is a multi-instrumentalist & singer-songwriter/performer based out of Philadelphia, PA. Throw a stone and you’ll be sure to hit a place he has wowed with his musical stylings. Check out www.Reverbnation.com/jessepo for more.

Rachel Fogletto is professional non-conformist, writer-poet-comedienne-activist extraordinaire, supporter of the absurd and wonderful ways of the world, uncomfortable art forms, and run-on sentences. Follow me on Twitter @rachelfogletto Facebook: Rachel Fogletto   Tumblr: http://finestbottomshelf.tumblr.com

Due to unforseen circumstances, Del Tashlin is unable to take part in the slumber party tonight, but he’s still worth checking out: His many “faces” include sex/kink educator, body mod ritualist, spiritual adviser and blogger, transgender/ queer/disability activist, and general trickster/ goofball. His first book, “Mythodical Madness”, is out this June from Asphodel Press. More info: check out http://www.sexgodsrockstars.wordpress.com.

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