Fun, Film, & Frights for the Whole Family at Walking Fish Theatre!

halloween pics joined final for fb

FREE FUN and FILM for all ages Halloween 2013 at Walking Fish Theatre! Touch Me Philly Productions took over the theater from 5-8pm.  We had:

**Trick or Treating!

**”Monster Goo” a locally (New Jersey) made short film to raise the hair on the back of their necks, playing every half hour! (Watch the treaser here: )

**FREE Face Painting from the wonderful Dana Bee Creative!

Touch Me Philly & Friends were there in costume giving out candy for your young ones, & playing “Monster Goo” every half hour

Pictures from the event can be found by clicking here.

face painted cutie

ABOUT “MONSTER GOO” from Justice Productions : Jackie is your rather untypical geek who loves his science experiments. No matter how much he is picked on by the local bullies, he is dedicated to hiding out in his basement through all hours of the night, working on his latest experiments. That is, until his latest attempt is an utter failure. However, Jackie doesn’t realize that his latest trial was no failure at all. Far from it. The substance comes alive and follows Jackie to his room. It uses him as a host, transforming Jackie in a much darker version of himself. Can anyone stop the darkness within from taking over Jackie, or is the Monster Goo stuck to him forever? Monster Goo is an independent short film created from the heart and drive of a group of filmmakers on a next to nothing budget. Shot over the span of one month in the summer of 2009 and featuring a talented ensemble cast and a chilling score, Monster Goo is an homage to the fun and thrills of vintage science fiction and horror films of the 1950s and 60s.

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