Local Writers: Submit your Feminist/Womanist plays!

Touch Me Philly Productions (www.TouchMePhilly.com) is now accepting submissions from Philadelphia area writers of short plays, one acts, or full length plays that specifically address feminist/womanist issues.  

Selected works will be produced by TMPP in the late summer/early fall of 2017, here in Philadelphia.  Chosen authors will receive a *small* stipend.  

All works should have a performance time of 10-90 minutes and require a maximum of 5 actors.  

Submissions should provoke discussion, and include explorations of themes like:

– feminine empowerment

– Herstory

– what it means to be a woman

– what it means to be a feminist/womanist

– creating intersectional feminism

– societal expectations

– our own roles as aggressors, victims, or bystanders

– body acceptance

– how we can move to action

– the politics of the woman’s body

– stories of hope and action

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: Friday March 31, 2017 at 7pm.

Send to: Info@TouchMePhilly.com with the subject: “(Title of Piece) F/W PLAY SUBMISSION”

Please include the following:

*Your Information: Your name, phone number, email address, location & website if you have one.

*Production History: Has the piece been produced before? If so, where/when?

*Your submission: Along with any production requirements/restrictions.

*Any further information you feel is relevant to the piece, questions, comments, or concerns.

Details will be discussed directly as we accept submissions.  

Submissions from people of ALL backgrounds encouraged!