“Mummy Cop” Season 2 Premiere Party- A “SINema After Hours” Special Event!

Mummy S2 Event Promo Image



Stabigail & Cadavera are proud to bring Mummy Cop back to our screens for the Official Mummy Cop The Series Season 2 Premiere Party! Nov 1st at 8pm, celebrate the day of the dead with your favorite dead-ish law enforcement officer, Mummy Cop!

***The Terrible Twosome will host LIVE INTERVIEWS with the cast & characters of Mummy Cop!
***WATCH a brand new Season 1 Highlight Reel to catch you up on all the hi-jinks from Season 1!
***WATCH all of Season 2 with the creative team!
***Get your PICTURE taken with Mummy Cop and you can purchase your own copy of Mummy Cop Season 1 on DVD!
***All this and more for just $10 at the door!

We screened Mummy Cop Season 1’s first two episodes at Touch Me Philly‘s first film night, “Macabre Movie Night” in June at the Adrienne Theater, and we are super stoked to have him back on our show! You can check out all the Season 1 episodes RIGHT NOW at www.MummyCop.com!

Watch The Mummy Cop Season 2 Trailer Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8M5bFNSPVtA

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