“Psycho Beach Party” Advertising Program

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Charles Busch’s “Psycho Beach Party” runs for 8 performances between May 1st &10th at The Skybox @ The Adrienne. A lot of eyeballs will be seeing your ad and proud of you for supporting the arts!


Style of Ad




Back Cover

4.75” w x 8”h



Inside Cover

4.75” w x 8”h



Full Page

4.75” w x 8”h



½ Page Vertical

2.375” w x 8”h



½ Page Horizontal

4.75” w x 4”h



¼ Page Vertical

2.375” w x 4”h



¼ Page Horizontal

4.75” w x 2”h


Advertising Deadline: April 10th 2014

BUT WAIT!! Your money can go further! The sooner you become a member of our advertising community, the sooner we can start sharing you with audiences at all of our upcoming events! 

If you become a member by March 2nd 2014 we will ALSO advertise for you at our April Edition of “SINema After Hours” April 10th-12 at Walking Fish Theatre!

And it gets better…

If you become a member by ****** we will  ALSO  advertise for you/your company/your events at our “Burlesque Bedtime Stories 2” event at ******

Woah, just when you think we couldn’t sweeten the pot anymore…

If you become a member February 15th 2014 we will ALSO advertise for you at our February 20-22nd Edition of “SINema After Hours” at Walking Fish Theatre!

It’s a great deal on a great deal of exposure even just Advertising in our “Psycho Beach Party” Playbill, but your dollars work even harder the sooner you buy your ad space!

Terms and Conditions

ñ  All prices are based upon electronic advertisements supplied by advertiser. Please see below for acceptable file types. Business cards will be scanned, but Touch Me Philly Productions does not accept responsibility for the quality of the scan, and this will not be an acceptable reason for a refund. A multipurpose printer scanner will be used and does not create the highest resolution.

ñ  For ads not camera-ready, we will make a best effort to recreate your non camera-ready artwork. If excessive time is required to create the camera-ready format, a fee may be required. We will contact the organization if necessary.

ñ  All fees and payments are due with the delivery of the advertising copy.

ñ  Please forward a copy of this contract with the ad submission.

ñ  Cancellation or changes must be submitted in writing and may not be made by Advertiser after April 10th 2014.

ñ  Position of advertising is at the sole discretion of Touch Me Philly Productions, except where a request for a specific preferred position is acknowledged by the parties.

ñ  Touch Me Philly Productions shall have no liability for error in ad copy typeset by the production agents or its printers.

ñ  The Advertiser is responsible for claims and facts presented in the submitted ad for publication and will assume full responsibility for any false information.

ñ  All advertisements must be clearly and prominently identified by a trademark and/or the signature of the advertiser. The word “advertisement” will be printed at either the top or bottom of any advertisement that, in the opinion of the Touch Me Philly Productions, might be confused with editorial pages.

Your Organization:  
Phone #:  
Email Address:  
Ad Style Choice:  
Payment accepted securely online via PayPal to:   TouchMePhilly@gmail.com

Make checks/Money Orders Payable to: Amanda Sylvester

*in notes section please write: TMPP Advertising


I have read the terms and conditions and understand the submission requirements and deadlines listed in this contract, and hereby agree to abide by them.



(If Submitting electronically, typing your name here will count as signature)



Submission Procedures

Electronic formats:

PDF high resolution files preferred, though we can handle Photoshop, MS Word, MS Publisher & JPG.

Email files to:  TouchMePhilly@Gmail.com or Info@TouchMePhilly.com with subject line “TMPP Advertising”.

Please submit payment safely online via PayPal to TouchMePhilly@gmail.com   -OR-

Mail payment and signed copy of the ad contract to:

Touch Me Philly Productions c/o Amanda Sylvester

1928 South Camac St

Philadelphia, PA 19148


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