“Psycho Beach Party” Reviews!

What are people saying about Touch Me Philly’s Production of “Psycho Beach Party?” 

Audiences are loving it, and some folks are even coming back to see it again!  Here’s what people have been saying (taken from posts to our Facebook event page):

“If you’re still debating, definitely get out to this show! And try to do the splash zone. It’s like Evil Dead, on the beach.”

“Great show. Glad I made the trip down[from Massachusettes]. Good job by everyone involved.”

“Sexy damn cast! All those menfolk running around. Yum…”

“GREAT Play! Had a wonderful time! The cast did a great job as well as the behind the scenes crew! Very entertaining and funny! First time I ever went to the beach in Philly! Congratulations to all! (clapping)”

“Very Fun show. Thanks go out to all who put the project together. I laughed, I cried, I fell in lust”

As for the press, here’s a review up on Geekadelphia saying that “Psycho Beach Party” is “the event we Philadelphians and East-coasters have been waiting for after a long winter!”  Read the full interview here at Geekadelphia!

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