“Psycho Beach Party” Sponsorship Program

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Charles Busch’s “Psycho Beach Party” runs for 8 shows between May 1st-10that The Skybox @ The Adrienne. By sponsoring you’re becoming an honorary producer and ensuring that costs are covered so we can focus on making theatre magic!

Sponsorship of:

What does your sponsorship do?

How Many Needed:


Make Up & Special Effects

PBP is going to be a highly interactive show, this sponsorship helps create surprises for our audience, including making turning the show into a 4-D experience.




Our show is set in 1965, this sponsorship helps us create an authentic fun look for our entire cast!



Board Operators

These integral technicians help ensure sounds & light run smoothly during each performance.



American Sign Language Interpreter

You’ll help make theatre accessible for anyone who wants to enjoy it! You’re helping cover fees for ASL interpreters at one performance of PBP.



An Actor

Helps cover an actor’s stipend, ensuring high quality performances at every show!



Sound Design

Help transform The Skybox into a beach using all of our senses.  Music & clarity are important parts of almost any show, and this one is no exception! This sponsorship will help cover our Sound Designer’s fees.




It takes a strong vision to create a fully formed show for an audience to enjoy.  This sponsorship helps cover a stipend for our talented Director.



Stage Management

It takes a village to make a show, and every village needs someone to help keep it organized & running smoothly.  Help cover a stipend for our hard working SM!




We’ve got a great set in store for you, and part of that can come to life with a screen & projector, this will help cover the rental or purchase of the needed equipment.



Lighting Design

Let there be light!  Lighting design is one of the biggest factors when setting the mood & tone of a show, help make sure ours is the best it can be by sponsoring!




Final Sponsorship Deadline: April 10th 2014 

When you become a sponsor we will list you as a Touch Me Philly Productions honorary producer!  We will list you as such on our website, and will also acknowledge you/your company at our other upcoming events. 

February 20-22nd Edition of “SINema After Hours” at Walking Fish Theatre!

“Burlesque Bedtime Stories 2” event March 14th & 15th at Walking Fish Theatre!

April Edition of “SINema After Hours” April 10th-12 at Walking Fish Theatre!

We also have some surprise events in store for Philly, and if you’re a member when those happen, we’ll acknowledge you at those too! Support like this is a big deal for us as a new company, and we are SO grateful for it!

Your Organization:  

Phone #:  
Email Address:  
Sponsorship Choice:  
Payment accepted securely online via PayPal to:   TouchMePhilly@gmail.com


Make checks/Money Orders Payable to:  Amanda Sylvester

*in notes section please write: TMPP Sponsorship


I release these monies to Touch Me Philly Productions that they may use them towards their intended purpose, to create the best production of “Psycho Beach Party” Philly has ever seen!



(If Submitting electronically, PayPal will count as signature)



Submission Procedures

 Please submit Sponsorship Donations safely online via PayPal to TouchMePhilly@gmail.com   -OR-

Mail checks/money orders to:

Touch Me Philly Productions c/o Amanda Sylvester

1928 South Camac St

Philadelphia, PA 19148


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