Reasonable Fear: Submission Call


Touch Me Philly Productions is looking for submissions of short plays in particular as well as a few films and other artistic works that take on the issues of Street Harassment and Rape Culture. One or two short plays will be chosen to be produced as part of it’s series “Reasonable Fear: An Exploration of Street Harassment and Rape Culture” Selected theatrical pieces will be performed in April 2015 for two weeks at The Luna Theater. These dates coincide with Sexual Harassment Month and Street Harassment Awareness week. During these two weeks we will also be featuring relevant works of film, music, and fine art.

Short Play Submissions: should have a performance time of 5-30 minutes and require a maximum of 6 actors (4 Female, 2 Male) They can include music, video, and more- we love multi media expression.

Each piece featured in “Reasonable Fear” should be topical. Some themes your work might touch on:

– How people address or fail to acknowledge/address street harassment in daily life

-How street harassment influences your daily behavior

-Society’s sexual objectification of the feminine.

-Men’s roles in street harassment as aggressors, victims, or bystanders.

– What can men do? What can women do?

– How is rape culture prevalent in daily life?

– Machismo vs. healthy sexual awareness in men.

– Victim blaming vs. societal pressure on women to be “sexy.”

– Share your story.

– Stories of hope.


Send to: with the subject: “Reasonable Fear: SUBMISSION”

Please include the following:

Your name, phone number, email address & location.

Has the piece been produced or shown before? If so, where/when?

Your submission. (Or, if fine art or music, a picture or recording of your submission)

Any questions, comments, or concerns.

Some submissions that are not chosen for production in our April 2015 show, may still be considered for readings/viewings at one of Touch Me Philly Productions’maller events leading up to the April show, or for online publication.

A *small* stipend may be offered upon selection. Details will be discussed directly as we accept submissions.

This will be a live multi-media theatrical event, any artists with pieces that lend themselves to this theme are encouraged.

All perspectives welcome!

Note: The words “women” and “men” are used to refer to female or male self identified persons.

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