Response to “The Rocky Horror Show”… with Puppets

Here are some of the wonderful things the press  said about Touch Me Philly’s production of The Rocky Horror Show – the show that inspired us to create TMPP as a full fledged company!


“…this unique theatrical production by Touch Me Philly is the real deal baby…“The Rocky Horror Show – With Puppets” features some immensely talented actors, musicians, and puppeteers. I saw one of the performances this past weekend, and had a total blast. This is some seriously fun independent theater going on, and if you’re a Rocky Horror fan, you definitely won’t want to miss this.”

The Culture Mob by Kelly Rowles 10/22/12


“…we enjoyed watching [director] Amanda Sylvester’s work… refreshing to see sexual cross pollination… breathless human on puppet action”

ICON Magazine, December 2012


“…The actors were fantastic… the audience was having a great time… the show was extremely enjoyable, and director Amanda Sylvester did a great job bringing the cult classic to the stage. I can’t wait to see the next development from Touch Me Philly.”

That Music Mag by Dana Giusti 11/01/12


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