Nice tail… err… tale! The story of Stabigail & Cadavera!

anniversary sinema with silas


Stabigail was a struggling actress, trying to make it big as a scream queen.  She lucked out and was offered to be the star of “Wheels of Doom: Terror at the Roller Rink,” a role she knew would be her big break!  It was a really deep character, a singing telegram girl who battled ghosts in her spare time at the local roller rink!  She was a strong soul who just wanted to sing and skate her way into the hearts of America during the chicken dance!

Cadavera, a local Psychic, was on set to make sure the ghost interactions were authentic. She was born with the gift, and have always been a powerful medium.  They brought her on after she helped the director’s wife make peace with her shitzu “Pookie” after running it over with her golf cart.

The movie was sure to be a huge success.  Surely every household would have gone out on Friday nights to go see “Wheels of Doom!  Roller Disco Edition!”  Unfortunately there was a horrible accident!

Stabigail was rolling over to take down a particularly nasty poltergeist, it had just ripped off her shirt, and then all the wheels on her left skate flew off in different directions!  She careened forward, over the railing, and head first into the glass of the popcorn machine, dying a hot buttery death.

Meanwhile her wheel flew across the room, where Cadavera was sitting, communing with spirits. She was centering herself with a chant and one of the wheels lodged itself in her throat, cutting off her access to air.. and life!

Live (undead) as Stabigail & Cadavera at "SINema After Hours"

Live (undead) as Stabigail & Cadavera at “SINema After Hours”


The ancient & powerful Sorcerer Silas  Killington has always had a soft spot for independent film.  He wanted to host a night of films himself, but thought, “Who could come see a bent over old man?”  Lucky for us all he read about the tragic story of Stabigail & Cadavera’s untimely demise while perusing old periodicals at the library.  He realized they would be a perfect pair to host a night of strange, scary, and sometimes racy tales to the screen. Using his immense powers he resurrected The Terrible Twosome and put them back in (mostly) working order so they could become the hostesses with the mostesses!


In February Stabigail & Cadavera had a special guest! After watching “Honeymoon with the Devil,” a film about his conception, The Terrible Twosome welcomed the infant son of Satan to their crypt!  When his mother failed to pick him up, Cadavera took it upon herself to adopt him.  What sort of hi-jinx will they get into?!?

Meanwhile, Stabigail, missing the lime light, and feeling like hosting can’t satisfy her anymore, has decided she needs to get back into acting! Surely no complications could arise from the fact that she’s undead!

Stabigail & Cadavera’s talents are as varied as the movies they screen.  They don’t only show horror, but also comedy and adult content as well! They don’t only hope to interact with spirits via Cadavera’s otherworldly abilities, but  also enjoy audience interaction as well.  The terrible twosome makes jokes, the audience makes jokes, & we all have a devilishly good time!  You’ll see special guests & wacky hi-jinks! No “SINema After Hours” is the same! Each show brings a different experience!

This is the area’s only LIVE (well… undead) & interactive horror hosted film event! “SINema After Hours” has screened over 30 independent (and mostly local) films since the Terrible Twosome’s Resurrection in June 2013! Stabigail & Cadavera will be opening their crypt to audiences again April 10th-12th at Walking Fish Theatre.


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