Submit Your Work for “SINema After Hours” Screening Consideration!

bates episode stage shot

Touch Me Philly Productions, in association with Walking Fish Theatre and Light Thief Productions, is looking for locally made films to screen at our “SINema After Hours” series.  “SINema After Hours”  is the area’s only LIVE “horror hosted” event.  We feature horror and other adult themed content at our shows.  We have had art pieces, documentary pieces, comedies and horror at our past events, and love bringing independent films to Philadelphia Audiences.  We have primarily screened shorts, but we are open to taking a look at any length of work to see if it might fit our show.

“SINema After Hours” is hosted by the Terrible Twosome of Touch Me Philly Productions, Stabigail & Cadavera.  They were brought back to life to entertain the audiences in between, and poke fun during these films.  Sometimes joined by special guests, the Terrible Twosome deliver a ghoulishly good time.

While there is no financial compensation for use of your films, they will be screened for our live, enthusiastic audiences for three nights. We can also talk about selling your merchandise, like copies of your films, t shirts for your production companies, cd’s of music featured in your films, etc.  By screening with us you’ll be taking part in the growth of what we believe to be a very special event series that we hope will be around for quite some time.  We already have opportunities opening up to us, and are glad to bring you with us on the journey.

We reserve the right to talk and joke about the films chosen for screening during our show, but don’t worry, it’s all in good fun!

OUR NEXT SHOWS:  April 10-12 2014, June 19-21 2014


Email us at to tell us about you and your work.

More info on us:


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