Normal…? A Night of Shorts and Group Discussion

Join TMPP for a night of fantastic & funny shorts that question the idea of normality, Friday May 10th at The Adrienne Theater!

normal cartoon

What does it mean to be “normal?” What expectations do we have of people, situations, and roles that causes them to be seen as “normal?” What does a “normal” family look like? What do people assume is “normal” behavior for you or for me? What does a “normal” sex life entail? What is “normal” to expect from yourself? These themes will be explored in interesting, and often hilarious ways! Then you can take part in the conversation about those ideas in group talks led by Jonathen Wurzel.

Authors from across the country submitted their work and we are bringing you 9 – many from local Philadelphia writers & performers!

For only $15 you’ll get to experience, enjoy & discuss pieces by:

Marcie Anker
C.J. Ehrlich –
Vickie Fernandez –
Rachel Fogletto –
Susan Goodell –
Mark Havey Levine –
Mark Mackner –
Joseph Pettine
& Lucy Smith –

It’s an evening you won’t want to miss with Touch Me Philly Productions (the one’s who just brought you “Burlesque Bedtime Stories” and “The Rocky Horror Show”…with Puppets last fall!

DOORS: 7:30 pm
SHOWTIME: 8:00pm with your name, number of tickets (max 4) and phone number, to reserve tickets or with questions.

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